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Boxing Champ Defeats Eating Disorder

Two-time WBC boxing champion Mia Rosales- St. John is one of the most famous and popular competitors in women’s boxing today. Now, in her first book, Mia reveals that she overcame racism, alcoholism and an eating disorder to become a world class athlete, a pioneer of sport, a happy, healthy mother of two and a role model to Latinas everywhere.

Ten years after she was the first Mexican-American to grace the cover of Playboy, Mia is more fit and healthy than ever. A two-time WBC Champion of the World, a successful businesswoman and single mother of two, she just released “The Knockout Workout,” where Mia applies her own experiences as a survivor, fighter and champion, to empower women to overcome their food and body issues to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

She attended high school in rural Idaho where, as the only non-caucasian, she hated being “different” and dreamed of being blond and fair. As her insecurities grew, so did her food issues and Mia began to suffer from bulimia. She ate and drank her way through high school becoming alarmingly skinny and troubled.

Mia now knows, and wants other women to understand, that food issues and disorders are about control. In her book, she discusses how to have the fighting spirit to take control of your issues through unstoppable mental toughness, knockout workouts and solid nutrition.