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Boys are also hooked into unhealthy diet to cope up with eating disorders

More males aside from women have engaged themselves in unhealthy diet just to cope up with their eating disorders.

A recent study conducted revealed that more men are afraid of getting fat that made these people do unhealthy dieting in order for them to keep an average shape and size.

The attitude, which is very similar on how many women who are too conscious on their diet react, offer health risk for these members of the male populace.

According to studies, in every 10 million who suffers from addiction one million of them are men.

Many male patients with eating disorders engaged in too much exercise, which made their condition even more badly.

Male patients suffering from food disorders also often times suffer self-pity that drove them to shy away from their family and isolate themselves from people.

These people also have then tendency to be meticulous on the food they ate by refusing to eat food that are not prepared on the way they want it.

This interesting news report should drove parents to be more vigilant on the diet and medical condition of their own children.

Parents know their children more than anyone else so they should make it a point to be close with their children and immediately respond to their concerns.

The male population for their part should also make it a point to be open on their medical condition to their parents before anything gets worse.
The men in this planet need to realize that health is more important than appearance so it would be best to avoid diet if it can be avoided.


Guys are just as worried

Guys are just as worried about their appearance as girls and in high school if they play sports a lot will consider using steroids to get bigger stronger faster.