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Britney Murphy Cause of Death Determined

Soon after the lovely actress’ death, it appeared that an eating disorder was off the table as a cause, since she suffered from several other health issues. But, as the coroner’s report is released, new speculations are emerging about her cause of death.
Officially, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office Chief Investigator Craig Harvey tells that actress weighted a whopping 115 pounds and that her cause of death was pneumonia "exacerbated" by multiple drug intoxication.

As an interesting side note, he also said that Murphy "wasn't the healthiest person in the world.” I’m not sure what that means exactly. Obviously she wasn’t the healthiest person in the world- she died of pneumonia.

But what does that subtle reference mean?
Her death has been ruled accidental, and her mom and hubby have been making the talk show rounds explaining that “Hollywood killed her.”
Again, what does that mean? That the pressure of Hollywood caused her to develop an emaciated figure? Or that Hollywood’s pollution causes the pneumonia that officially killed her?

If you haven’t listened to his interview with Larry King, you need to. It’s a horrifying tale of a young woman who spent hours dying – knowing that she dying, and nobody in her house bothered to call for medical help.

It wasn’t as though they were in a remote area without access to medical care. They were in a wealthy town with plenty of money-they just opted not to call for help until she wasn’t breathing.
So, wait a minute, now I’m confused. Who killed Britney Murphy?