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Change Your Life in 21 Days

If you could do one thing every day that would change your life for the better, what would it be? No more purging? Exercising 30 minutes a day? Stop smoking?
There is a nifty new website designed to help us create better lives with new habits. The site is called Habit Forge and the link is The purpose of habit forge is to use the 21 days it takes to form a new habit and receive daily email reminders and follow up to see if you are doing what you committed to.
As one user explained, “It’s totally psychological. When that little email comes asking if you’d accomplished your goal for the previous day the last thing I want to do is select “no”. I really want this habit to form and stay with me. So each day so far I have hit “yes” and it feels really good!
They ask you daily by email if you were successful the day before at doing that one thing. From within the email, just click "yes" or "no", and they keep track for you.
Do that one thing you've committed to doing. Skip a day before succeeding for 21 days straight, and we'll start you back at day one.
Here are the top 5 entries:
o Exercise at least 20 minutes a day.
o 2. Eat only healthy foods.
o 3. Do homework right after school.
o 4. Stop smoking.
o 5. Meditate every day.
What could you do?