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Chasing Thinness

A person is raised in a culture that continually tries to mock fat persons. Tabloid headlines in the supermarket scream out actors and actresses battling the bulge. Turning on the television at home display an endless array of products for cellulite reduction, fat burners, and magic machines that can magically change one from an ugly fat duckling to a svelte beautiful swan. Promotional print and television ads for “make-overs” including dangerous and invasive surgeries such as liposuction, breast implants, and facelifts flood print and television media.

Trade and commerce has been given a big boost when the market for slimming products, machines and procedures jumped in and created a niche to display their wares and cater to the fat people of the world.

Despite of the fact that many become a part of statistics of people dying at the hands of plastic surgeons, botched surgeries and the raging epidemic of eating disorders, people still continue to wage war upon their bodies.