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Collective Characteristics

If you have come across someone who has eating disorder, do you not notice that he has so much in common with somebody who is also addicted to prohibited substances? There are common characteristics of a drug addict and somebody who has eating disorder. Both have cravings, one is craving for the drugs while the other has craving for the food. The craving of person however is beyond the person’s control. For the person affected, there is no other way but to give in to that craving.

Drug addiction and eating disorder are grave and complicated to treat. Both necessitate exhaustive rehabilitation. Both are persistent diseases with high relapse rates. These are also highly associated with other psychiatric disorders. Suicide is common among those who suffer drug addiction and eating disorder.

The person suffering has compulsive behavior. It is also common among them to be secretive. The individual also experience mood-altering results. They also end up in social isolation. Either they isolate themselves to hide their addiction or they are isolated as a result of their diseases.