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Dangerous Methods Used by People with Eating Disorders

Due to the fact that all eating disorders have one main goal and that is losing weight, people with these disorders often use medications to help them maintain their weight or lose a few pounds. Those people either do not know, or do not care about the fact that the medications they use are very dangerous and can simply lead to death if used repeatedly. Needless to say that they do not give the results people think they would (e.g. losing weight).

Some of the most common methods that people abuse are the following:

1- Laxatives: Common stimulants people use to make their bodies get rid of undesired calories. They cause serious medical complications and should not be used except under a doctor’s supervision.

2- Ipecac Syrup: People use it as a way of purging after bingeing. It is originally used after an accidental poisoning and repeated use could cause many serious problems.

3- Diuretics: Pills that make the body lose fluids; hence, the abuser would feel like he’s losing weight. Continuous use of these pills would cause dehydration, therefore, kidney damage.

If you are someone that uses one of those substances, then I urge you to stop, for they are extremely dangerous and could make a wreck out of your life.