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Dentists are first line of defence vs. eating disorders

Dentists all over the globe had more reasons to be proud these days.

This developed after a recent study has shown that dentists are the first line of defence when it comes to spotting eating disorders in patients, according to the Academy of General Dentistry.

The Academy of General Dentistry said among the signs of eating disorders were bad breath, sensitive teeth, eroded tooth enamel, teeth that are worn and appear almost translucent, mouth sores, dry mouth, cracked lips, bleeding gums, and tender mouth, throat and salivary glands.

The governing body of professional dentist said once these sigs were detected the affected patient are then urged strongly by his or her dentist to seek immediate help for a high possibility of an eating disorder.

The group explained eating disorders rob the body of minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients needed for good health and may cause injury to teeth, muscles and major organs.

This particular report adds more feathers to the already lofty standing of dentists in our society.

We have more reasons to respect and honor the dentists since they do not only protect out teeth but also help in promoting the over-all well being of men and women in this planet.

To those dental patients advised to seek help for their possible eating disorder problem should immediately follow the dentist since he or she knows what is right for you.