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Do Something to Help Someone Else- NEDA Walk

Here is a great way to support the National Eating Disorder Assocation -
The NEDA Walk, which kicked off as the first annual NEDA Walk during NEDAwareness Week 2009, is a walk-a-thon fundraiser supporting NEDA and a community awareness-raising event. Individuals from across the country are coordinating NEDA Walks in their communities throughout the year. The NEDA Walk is a non-competitive community event. Registrants can participate in whatever capacity they feel is appropriate for them.

If there isn't a walk near you, plan your own! Volunteer walk coordinators around the country have run successful walks, you can too.

Register online for the NEDA Walk near you. Upcoming NEDA Walks are listed in order of occurrence

Grand Rapids NEDA Walk (Sixth Street Bridge Park, Grand Rapids, MI)
Saturday, September 11th. Registration at 9:30 am; Walk at 10 am.
Hosted by Jennifer Lane.

Charlottesville NEDA Walk (UVA Park Pavillion, Charlottesville, VA)
Sunday, September 12th. Registration at 9:00 am; Walk at 10:00 am.
Hosted by Kimberly Paschall
Register Here

NYC NEDA Walk (New York, NY)
Sunday, October 3rd. Registration at 9 am; Walk at 11 am.
Hosted by NEDA.

Baxter NEDA Walk (Northland Aboretum, Baxter, MN)
Sunday, October 10th. Registration at 12 pm; Walk at 1 pm.
Hosted by Lauren Johnson.

Williamsburg NEDA Walk (College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA)
Saturday, October 30th. Registration at 9 am; Walk at 10:00 am.
Hosted by Emily McMillen\


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