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Do you have an eating disorder?

Going on a diet? Well, make sure you are going to engage in a healthy diet rather than a diet bordering on anorexia. Eating disorders are not the same as going on a diet. In fact, there are several things that differentiate an eating disorder from a healthy diet. For one, the goal of dieting is to lose weight in a healthy way, not compromising your body’s needs for the right amount of nutrients to last throughout the day. On the other hand, eating disorders try to make your life better by using foods and your eating habits, which of course, does not work. An individual goes on a diet to look and feel healthy, while an individual develops an eating disorder because he seeks approval and acceptance from others. With diets, your only concern is to lose weight and to boost your self-esteem as needed. If it does not work, you look for other options without feeling very depressed. But if you have an eating disorder, your whole self-esteem lies on how you look. Nothing else matters. So, are you really just on a diet, or are you slowly turning into a psycho already?