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Eating A Life Away

I thought there was nothing that I could do. My friend had always been the perfect weight. She had the perfect body, and the perfect life. But that was something that just wasn’t meant to be much longer. I started noticing that she was gaining a little bit of weight; nothing severe or extreme, but a little bit at a time. She also seemed to be enjoying her food a lot more than usual. Over the course of just a few weeks she had put on an enormous amount of weight. I had thought about it being an eating disorder, but I wasn’t completely sure. While talking with her I realized it was. She told me she uncontrollable urges to eat…all the time. She was sneaking food into the classroom to snack on while the teacher was talking and even took extra food at lunch. My advise for anyone who notices these same symptoms in some of their friends or themselves is to talk with your friend and seek help.