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Eating Disorders: Not Problems with Food

To eat is to satisfy a basic physiological need to fulfill the requirements of maintenance and function of the body. Eating is as ordinary as breathing that people hardly acknowledge the fact that there are disorders associated to it. People are unaware that millions are afflicted with eating disorders and thousands die from it annually.

It is a common misconception that an eating disorder is automatically associated with a person having a problem with food. But countless studies have shown that eating disorders are manifestations of existing problems ------psychological and emotional---- in a person’s life.

If a person accepts that he is having an eating disorder and is willing to conquer the problem, the recovery process will be a long tedious journey. There is no time limit placed on the recovery process. Everyone has their own demons to face and everyone travels the road to discovery at their own pace. There may be setbacks along the way, but if a person is willing and there is support from family and friends, then the person can fully recover.