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Explaining Eating Disorders

When patients harm their bodies by abnormal eating routines, they suffer eating disorders. Eating disorders come in the form of abnormal starvation called anorexia, unnatural eating and expelling food called bulimia and eating an abnormally large quantity of food called binge eating. They are caused by diverse psychological problems. The basis of all eating disorders is a psychological disorder.

Eating disorders are found more in women than in men. Psychologically women have a constant need for acceptance. For this acceptance, they harm their bodies by attempting to get abnormally thin or fat. The media and society in general portray thin body proportions as perfect body proportions and this makes adolescent girls starve themselves to achieve these unhealthy proportions. Weight becomes their single focus and obsession even if they feel sick as a result and risk dangerous health conditions by starvation. Eating disorders can be fatal and need immediate medical intervention.