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Fed Up Girl- Top five ways to break free from diets for life

Are you fed up with your eating disorder, diet or body image issues? I was too. I know what it is like to be at the end of your rope in an unhealthy cycle and confusion about where to get help.

Have you tried other resources yet? I bet you have. I have a Ph.D. in two things: #1 Dieting and #2 Getting cured from Eating Disorders and Diets for life! I am offering you a few great tips that helped me take the right steps toward healing myself and breaking free for life.

Fed Up Girl's Top Five List to Ending Your Diet Mentality TODAY:

1. Dress in something you love. I like to say fake it until you make it, or you know dress for success. But this is huge. Put on makeup and a CUTE outfit. No sweats and comfy shoes. Get dolled up as if you are going out on the town.

2. Go through your home and/or office and gather every single diet article, workout article, celeb gossip article and any spread with females bodies highlighted. Put them in a huge pile. THROW them in the recycling bin. Start breaking free from the media influence today. Who cares what Eva Longoria looks like in a bikini and eats for breakfast. Done.

3. Put on your favorite CD, piece of music, mixed CD, iTunes mix, whatever. I recommend turning it up and dancing around your new clean space. Free from media, dressed for success and jamming to your favorite song. Now smile.

4. Do one really great thing for your inner child. Don't know what your inner child is? Most people don't and later on you'll learn why this is the single most powerful element in recovery. Just think back to a time when you were under 10 years old and happy. What were you doing? My memories usually involve coloring, painting, listening to music, playing with friends. Pick one and do it for an hour!

5. Look at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes- look at yourself in the eye and tell yourself you will keep trying to get better and will find the solution. Believe it.

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Finally Free,

Bridget Loves
Fed Up Girl
Santa Monica, CA 90401