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Food Addiction May Lead to Poor Relationships

Since time immemorial, people have been constantly looking for love and finding ways to make a relationship last.

At times, people fail to nurture relationships and are unable to find satisfaction in a relationship. Years of disappointment in a partnership can make you hopeless and give up trying to make it work. You may think that if you can’t have love and maintain love in a relationship, you might as well look for other pleasures elsewhere—not with other people but giving in to the pleasure of eating what you want. You become obsessed with food and start focusing all your energy in your new-found obsession. Naively, you have fallen into a trap known as emotional eating.

Your obsession to food is now a substitute for love lost. You obsess about food the way you long for a partner or lover. You often yearn about the private time with your food. You obsession will lead you to focus on nothing else and will eventually isolate you and leave you nothing.