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Gurze Books Suggests New Resources

Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?
By Claire Mysko, Magali Amadei
242 pg, paper, '09 $15.95 $14.35

Beauty and body-image activists Claire Mysko and Magali Amadei offer pregnant women a reality check in terms of what youcan really expect when you are expecting. The authors expose the myths, challenges, and insecurities pregnant women face and help them discover how to trust their pregnant bodies...

How I Look at My Daughter Journal
By Nan Dellheim, Sheila Dubin
66 pg, paper, '09 $18.95 $17.05

Help your daughter see her beauty, power, and her potential with the mother's companion to the How I Look Journal. Journal entries are designed to educate mothers on how they are viewing their daughters and identify discrepancies between their perceptions and actions/communication...

My Kid is Back
By June Alexander, Daniel Le Grange
262 pg, paper, '09 $22.00 $19.80

Based on the Maudsley Approach, this guide is written by a well respected journalist whose interest in eating disorders stem from her personal experience of battling both anorexia and bulimia in her teenage years. Unique to this book are the stories of 10 families who describe the journeys they have made in beating the illness...