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Holiday Gifts for Someone with an Eating Disorder

You know the obvious things to watch out for, right? Basically, anything that relates to how he or she looks is taboo. For example, avoid:
• Gym memberships or workout clothes/shoes
• Clothes
• Food (even if it is a favorite)
• Scale (Who would give a scale for Christmas? But, in case you were thinking about it, don’t)
Ideas that would be safer include:
• Anything that relates to a hobby he or she enjoys or has mentioned wanting to do, particularly classes or lessons
• A journal
• Music, itunes gift card, ipod add-ons
• Inspirational books (but not related to the ED)
• Gifts that would help relieve stress (Here are some ideas: cell phone minutes so he or she can call for support, a pet if it’s appropriate the new owner wants one, gift cards for basic needs if money is a concern.)
• Magazine subscriptions (but be wary of which titles, some will be triggers)
• Soothing spa products, (like luxury bath products) or a spa gift certificate for a mani/pedi (this may not be appropriate for everyone)
• Table-top water fountain (these make me have to pee, but some people love them)