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How Are Men And Boys Affected with eating disorder?

Although eating disorders primarily affect women and girls by instilling impressions of becoming more and more thin into them, boys and men are also affected. One in four preadolescent cases of anorexia (characterized by extreme unwillingness to eating) occurs in boys, and binge-eating (characterized by excessive eating attendant with a feeling of disgust for overeating) disorder affects females and males about equally. Like females who have eating disorders, males with the illness have a distorted sense of body image and often have muscle dysmorphia, a type of disorder that is characterized by an extreme concern with becoming more muscular. Some boys affected with the disorder desperately want to lose weight, while others desperately want to gain weight. Boys who think they are too small are at a greater risk for using steroids or other dangerous drugs along with eating according to drugs’ demand to increase muscle mass. Boys with eating disorders exhibit the same types of emotional, physical and behavioral signs and symptoms as girls. However for a variety of reasons, boys are less likely to go under diagnosis as they or the society think eating disorder as typical female disorder.