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How Bad Could Laxatives Be?

Many people suffer from a number of eating disorder, but some have found a new form of an eating disorder to try...laxatives. Laxatives are somewhat of an easy way to lose weight, but they cause a enormous amount of damage to the body, especially the colon.

Laxatives allow a person to eat pretty much whatever they choose, but the problem lies in how fast the laxatives work. Before your body has even had a chance to break down the foods which you have consumed, the laxatives push the food through your body and out without leaving the healthy nutrients you need, in your body. The constant “going” will also cause damage to your colon. Scarring can cause a number of points of the colon to bleed and may also contract infections. The use of laxative should only be used for medical purposes. Any other uses may be too much for the body to handle.