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How Many Pallbearers Does it Take? carry the body of a person who had anorexia?

This public service announcement via the Tel Aviv office of McCann Erickson, is for an Israeli nonprofit called Beitech. "15% of women who suffer from anorexia will die this year." Looks like a badly Photoshopped stock image.

Some folks are upset because (beyond the fact that it's a cheesy ad and not well done) they say it either makes light (I tried not to make a pun, I swear) of a serious situation, or that it portrays a false image of anorexia. To that end, the argument suggests that not all women with anorexia will be tiny thin before they die from it.

Of course, the ad only mentions the women, and ignores the thousands of men who suffer as well from eating disorders.

Thoughts? Is it appropriate to make a point and get people talking and thinking?

For a better image of the picture, go to:


Personally, I don't care for

Personally, I don't care for this, despite that the statistics are accurate. But I come from a different perspective from the average person on the street, having suffered, and now recovered, myself.
Perhaps this type of announcement will draw some attention that will result in those who are suffering, getting help. I wonder if there are any markers that indicate what the response to this has been? Interesting....thanks for bringing this up!