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How to stop eating in a healthy way

Binging is a habit that is very difficult to crack. If you have never gone on a much-needed diet in your whole life, how in the world can you resist those sultry-looking foods that seem to always summon you? It would have been better if you enjoyed binging, but in the end you feel like you just want to gag all those excess food that you’ve eaten.

What can you do to stop the habit of binging? First of all, you need to explore yourself. Why is it that you just can’t resist eating lots of food? Is it because eating makes you temporarily happy? If so, remember that it also makes you unhappy once you realize what you’ve done. And once you become unhappy, you again seek the happiness that food gives you, and the never ending cycle continues all over again.

So why not try to cut the cycle once and for all? It may be extremely difficult at first, but I bet you can do it with the help of your family, friends, and of course, yourself.


Yes, emotional eating can

Yes, emotional eating can become a problem, but dieting is dangerous, and the #1 cause of eating disorders, which can be fatal. Dieting does not work, and in fact, 95% of people who diet will end up gaining the weight back and then some within 2 years.
Bingeing is usually the result of restricting (dieting), so you can see that this is not a cycle that ends up anyplace positive.
Bingeing is not usually a habit, but it's a biological reaction to dieting or restricting your intake. Please take caution with this dangerous issue!