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Impacts of Media on developing Eating Disorder

The Media cast a major impact on the development of eating disorder. They create some unrealistic and hardly achievable expectation on what should a beautiful, attractive and fit body image look like. Most women in advertising, movies, TV, and sports programs are very thin which may instill the impression in common girls that the ideal or chief ingredient of beauty is thinness.

To advocate this statistics show that one out of seven college-aged females has a problem with bulimia (characterized by cycles of eating and purging), and one out of a hundred has a problem with anorexia (characterized by strong unwillingness to eating). Boys too desire to make their body as attractive and muscular and fit as those of their ideals found in media by drastically restricting their eating and compulsively exercising. The media need to play a more responsible role with the body images that they portray as attractive. Media should represent beauty or nice look according to ones own body shape and size. And as a responsible person one should be proactive and realistic about their bodily impression, without blaming solely on media.