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Invasion of privacy triggers eating disorders

ACCORDING to a latest study, one integral reason why many people suffered from eating disorders is due to the invasion of their privacy by certain people.

The study state as a person grows older he or she suffers various kinds of physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, sexual, and creative interference, which has consistently ignored and penetrated that person experiences total boundary invasion.

As these things developed, the person involved has no control or way to stop, protest or often even acknowledge such invasions, the person experiences helplessness, despair and a certainty that they are worthless to themselves or anyone else.

The consequences of such total invasion are vast. One consequence is an eating disorder.

To cope up with the situation the unlucky person will resort to eating.

The person whose private life had been trampled will most likely suffer from an eating disorder since eating is the only way he or she can express himself or herself after all the abuses he or she had gone through.

To avoid eating disorders from affecting you or any of your family members the best way to do is to constantly communicate with each other so that you will know the physical, mental and emotional condition of your love ones.

If ever a member of the family not in good physical and emotional help do your best to comfort that person so that he or she will not feel abandoned and will be cured of his or her sickness.

After-all proper communication is the answer to almost all conflicts in this planet.