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Jennifer Hawkins Gets Naked to Show “Real” Woman

I know, I know, I talked about her once already and it was only marginally interesting the first time. But I missed a huge point. By missed, I mean I missed by a mile. I was catching up on Twitter yesterday and was following along some of the comments about Hawkins publicity stunt (I mean, charitable act), and I was struck by Feministing’s simple question: “Why do “real women” have to be naked?

Hawkins was quoted as saying, “I feel empowered” (by posing in the buff). Really?

That’s all it takes? I’m all about body acceptance, but posing naked for the cover of a magazine as a way to feel empowered? Good for you, Jennifer, but I hope my daughters need more to get empowered.

Bitch magazine had a great response: “It's as if the message here is supposed to be, "OMG can you believe she would do this cover without airbrushing? She's a monster! P.S. You should feel good about yourself even though you aren't even a Miss Universe winner like she is."

And by the way, the cover wasn’t retouched or airbrushed, but the pics inside the magazine are.