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Jewish teens prone to eating disorders

Many studies and surveys have already proven that eating disorders in Jewish teenagers are exceptionally high. It leads me to asking, why is the pressure to be thin so strong among these women?

Just like everyone else with eating disorders, their main desire is to look thin because of their belief that being thin is beautiful. But the pressure is stronger in these women because their features are not like everyone else. In American society, having features, like a beautiful nose and curly hair, is a gold standard of being beautiful. Jewish teenagers resort to eating disorders so that their appearance will be accepted in society.

Another thing that may have contributed why eating disorders are “the addiction of choice” for Jewish women is that physical appearance is very important to them. In fact, men looking for Jewish brides ask what the dress size of their bride-to-be is. Anyone whose size is larger than size 8 is doomed to be single.

Well, the pressure is on for Jewish girls.