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Join the Friends and Family Action Network Today

If you are passionate about federal policies and funding for eating disorders, consider joining the FAC arm of the Eating Disorder Coalition. FAC members are the individual volunteers, citizen lobbyists, and voices of those affected by eating disorders in the United States. The Eating Disorders Coalition is a group of organizations involved with eating disorders.

What do they do? FAC members tell EDC what policies and legislation are critical. They respond to EDC’s action alerts by writing letters and calling their congress members at critical times. FAC members answer calls for contributions and donations. EDC draws on FAC volunteers to attend EDC Lobby Days and Congressional Briefings and other events

Why join? There are dozens of wonderful ED non-profits out there doing a wonderful job raising awareness and providing information on treatment, research and support. This group, however, is solely dedicated to making national changes. So if your interest lay in the political arena, consider getting involved personally in helping to shape the future of ED treatment and care in the US.

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