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Laxative abuse in eating disorders

Laxatives are used to induce bowel movement or at least loosen stools, but they are often abused by people with eating disorders. How is that so? More often than not, laxatives are also given to these people since they suffer constipation–a condition that warrants the use of laxatives. Since laxatives are used to enhance and facilitate the removal of waste products in the body, people with eating disorders tend to consume an overdose of these laxatives just to get rid of the food that they have just taken. It is a no-brainer to conclude that laxative abuse is really a dangerous condition. This induces diarrhea, hence the user loses a lot of fluids and electrolytes in the process. Dehydration then sets in, and this can lead to more serious problems, such as low blood volume, shock, and even death if not treated accordingly. Other problems resulting from laxative abuse include feeling bloated and having headaches.