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Link Between Exercise and Body Image Concerns?

Studies at Australia’s Flinders University surveyed women who attend health clubs. Their findings might surprise you: “Taking cardio classes was linked with mood uplift, but greater time spent on individual cardio workouts predicted body image concerns.

Women who spent more time lifting weights and taking yoga or other mind/body-oriented classes were less likely to perceive the body as an object to be modified for the judgment of others.”

Researchers concluded that activities which focus on body awareness, mental health, centering, and calmness are more likely to help women connect to the reason they exercise (for fitness and to feel good) and, therefore, work to improve their body image.

Obviously, not all exercise is bad, but stop and consider how your exercise regime affects:

• How you feel about how you look
• How you see yourself
• How you think others see you
• How you feel in your body.