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Love Yourself Now

“I’ll be fine with the way I look once I….
• Lose 20 pounds…or fifty or five or
• My hair grows out or
• I stop biting my nails or
• I get braces or
• I get a tan or
• I get six pack abs
Here is an absolutely crazy idea and I know it. But what if you decided to go ahead and love yourself now. If you decided you didn’t have to wait to show yourself tenderness. If you decided you didn’t have to continue to abuse yourself with food or unhealthy living. Or unreasonable expectations.

What would it feel like if you stopped looking in the mirror and having what you saw? What if you smiled big and could tell yourself how beautiful you are – that the light in your eyes radiated hope, that the smile on your face looked like sunshine on a rainy day, and that the happiness on your face was guaranteed to make somebody else happy? What would that feel like?
Think of yourself as a light. Because if you can be brave enough to shine, you might just help the rest of us to shine, too.