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Making your own healthy weight loss plan

There is no need to resort to anorexia or bulimia in order to lose weight. There is a healthier way of doing that, and it starts with a well-knit health care plan. This is also a great recovery tool for anorexics and bulimics, so that they would not regress to their previous illness.

In creating your own weight loss plan, think of yourself first before anything else. What kind of weight loss plan works best for you? Of course, before you can answer this question, you have to get to know yourself better. What are your food preferences? Structure your plan in a way that you like the foods that you will eat and you eat the right amount of food without feeling hungry. You may not get it right during your first try, but don’t lose hope. It’s a trial and error matter.

And of course, weight loss entails exercise. Diet is often not enough; you also have to make yourself physically fit. Just do the exercises suited to your level and don’t stress yourself too much.

Comments is a bit disturbing is a bit disturbing to me that this is posted on an eating disorder information site. Long term research data has proven that weight loss and dieting are the number one risk factor for developing and eating disorder. Weight loss will either cause a person to end up at a higher weight, over time, because dieting doesn't work, or the person may very likely develop a life-threatening eating disorder.
Why do so many people want to change who they are? Weight is genetic, just as height and eye color. Please take caution in implementing any type of 'dieting' plan.