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More Ways To Improve Your Appetite

Improving your appetite when suffering from an eating disorder can be incredibly hard. Luckily, there are quite a number of ways to help treat eating disorders, particularly anorexia. Eating apples is a good way to go about getting your appetite back. Also, apples are easily cut into portions so you do not feel the need to eat an entire apple at once. Apples also help to ease your digestion of foods as well. Try eating an apple before or after each meal. Like apples, garlic is also a good way to help bring back your appetite. Vegetable soup, sprinkled with garlic, as well as garlic cloves in the soup, helps improve your appetite. You should boil the garlic cloves before actually adding them to the soup mixture so that the potency is a little bit toned down. Garlic does have a tendency to produce heartburn. You can also add lemon to the soup as well.