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My Daughter Has An Eating Disorder - Day 2

You'd think someone who was a counselor and a survivor of an eating disorder herself would know perfectly what steps to take to help her daughter with her eating disorder. It's a little trickier than I thought. Here's what I am learning so far.

Eating Disorder Programs are hard to find. The residential program in my area is for age 18 and over. The residential programs for teens who self-injure don't accept kids with eating disorders. The reason? They are too hard to help. Now what?

After a zillion calls - although seriously - it was about 50, we learned that our best best is the eating disorder clinic at the children's hospital. So, we're on the waiting list for the assessment. Who knows what that means in terms of getting care.

Meanwhile, we're on our own - sorta. In case you need some tips - here is what we are doing:

1. Remove all scales from house.
2. Require 3 meals a day at kitchen table. No cell phone until food is eaten and one hour has passed. No bathroom until an hour after meal. If emergency, then she gets company.
3. Once a week weigh in at doc's office where she doesn't get to see weight.
4. Monthly blood work levels to check for electrolytes, protein, WBC and more.
5. She is required to read through a workbook every night and write something in her journal.
6. All meds and sharp objects are locked up.

That's where we are today...