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MY Experience With Journaling

Journaling my thoughts and feelings has been an important tool for me during my recovery. At first, it seemed that I was only writing about my struggles with the recovery process, and continued symptoms. As my body and mind began to heal from the starvation that I had put it through, my writing began to take on a more healthy outlook of self-analysis and awareness. As I began to be able to identify my feelings and my personal values and emotions, I found that I was increasingly more gentle with myself, and less afraid of discovering my true identity. I also found that my perspective on my life and those around me was more accurate and much less irrational. While I was in treatment, I recieved input on my journaling, which helped me to also see what issues I was possibly avoiding, which helped me to face the many fears I had, and move forward. Presently, when I journal, it's more for my own release, but it still often reveals to me if/when I am denying my feelings, or silencing my voice regarding personal needs. I would recommend journaling to anyone in recovery, or who is going through any emotional distress.