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Myths Associated with Eating Disorders Busted

Ignorance of the problems and woes of a person suffering an eating disorder has given birth to myths about this disease condition. These myths need to be busted in order to properly understand the disease. With understanding comes enlightenment.

It is a myth when people assume that only teenage girls undergo eating disorders. It is a reality that most eating disorders trace their roots to the teenage years, but anyone can be a prey to this terrible disorder---children, men, and older women.

Another myth concludes that a person who has an eating disorder can never fully recover. But this has been proven false. Recovery can take time. It requires hard work, resilience and proper treatment. But a full recovery is possible.

It is false when people assume that men suffering from eating disorders are always gay. Eating disorders cross the barriers of sex. It does discriminate.

Finally, eating disorders are not solely a problem with food. They can be traced back to the innermost problems and emotions of a person who turn to food to numb painful feelings and insecurities.