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New Eating Disorder Television Series: Will it help or hurt us?

E! Entertainment Television has announced a six-episode series about compulsive eating disorders under the working title "What's Eating You?"

The show will feature people whose lives are at risk as they battle their warped body images and life-threatening food issues. A group of trained medical professionals and nutrition specialists will help patients on the road to recovery. The series will also explore the question of how much society is at fault for these patients' obsession with "perfection."

One episode features a woman who eats a roll of toilet paper dipped in pickle juice every night before bed, while another concerns a woman who eats everything from paper towels to magazines in her sleep without ever realizing it.
The big question for me is if it will be useful for us or not. Will it sensationalize the issue just enough that people who are portrayed are seen as crazy? After all, I know a number of people with eating disorders and I'm pretty sure they never ate toilet paper.


It is a real shame there is

It is a real shame there is not more balanced information out there, and a lack of understanding about the issues compounds the problem. I have searched for programmes and good documentarys on steroid use linked to eating disorders within men and there is nothing sensible out there only biased views. Well we can hope this one may be better...

i have to say this is the

i have to say this is the first i've heard about this and this type of eating...I think I would end up watching out of curiousity and am not sure if it would help me or trigger my self-hatred about my own lack of control with food.

Speaking truth, this is the

Speaking truth, this is the first time I have heard about the problem "eating disorder". And the information about eating toilet paper, magazine is amazing as well. After reading the post I having starting doubting on myself. I can't stand without chewing anything in my mouth and I am addicted towards meat and some items related it basically seafood. Moreover, I posses some what different eating habit than my co-workers that's why them call me "tanker". Please write me am I suffering from eating disorder?