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New trend among men - reverse anorexia

This just in from an article in the Daily Mail in the UK - a frightening new trend has been spotted among young male athletes - known as reverse anorexia.

The disorder - which involves gaining a lot of weight - can lead to premature death.
Muscle dysmorphia, sometimes called reverse anorexia nervosa, is a disorder where a person becomes obsessed with the idea they are not muscular enough.

Sufferers often believe they are skinny when they are actually above average in terms of muscle mass. It is a relatively new condition but the prevalence is thought to be increasing.

Muscle dysmorphia can leave sufferers vulnerable to a range of psychological, biological, and environmental risks including depression, heart failure, renal failure, and dehydration.

'Muscle dysmorphia can also lead to extreme dieting, exercise addiction and the use of anabolic steroids that have been associated with the premature death of several bodybuilders.'