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Nicole Richie Denies Eating Disorder (yawn)

I totally wasn’t going to write about it – I wasn’t. I decided to take a moratorium on talking about celebs with eating disorders, although I do think celebrating long term recoveries like Portia’s can be helpful. Anyway, I wasn’t going to write about them anymore because I hated to be (in effect) glorifying one more super-skinny-rich-and-famous-white-girl. Aren’t they all alike?
I don’t want to continue the misconception that these ladies are what eating disorders look like. You probably missed the news last month about the UK’s former deputy prime minister John Prescott's admission that he suffered from bulimia. An older, successful (and not so thin) man with an eating disorder? Who knew?
Did Nicole Richie have an eating disorder? She says not. Certainly pics from a few years ago had folks around her worried, with People magazine quoting her medical team as saying she was “in the anorexic realm.” What does that even mean?
This is a gentle reminder that for every person you see who “looks” like they have an eating disorder, there are a hundred more who do and you’d never know it to look at them.