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Numbers Lie

Numbers lie. We're used to thinking of numbers as facts - as concrete, objective bits of information. That somehow, because there is a little truth in them, the numbers must be gospel, must be telling the entire truth. They don't.

SAT scores aren't an accurate measure of intelligence. Too often, they reflect ethnicity, power, privilege, and favors those who can afford private tutors. The numbers lie.

A paycheck doesn't equal worth. Salaries reflect the economy, the status our culture has given a particular occupation and doesn't reward the noblest, most honorable careers that help the most people. The numbers lie.

A dress size. A number on a scale. Pants or bra size. They don't tell you what's beautiful. 12, 36C, 38 waist. Simply numbers. Part of the truth, maybe. But very little.

Because we don't have numbers for things like love and compassion and kindness and generosity – the things that really matter in how we live life.

I refuse to live a lie.