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On Crying Over Spilt Milk (a.k.a. "regret")

“Tomorrow is a brand new day – with no mistakes in it.” – Anne of Green Gables

Nobody is perfect – we all know this, so why do we still expect perfection of ourselves? Recently I’ve gotten lazy in regards to taking care of myself. We all have those little ‘routine’ things that are so imperative to maintaining an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle and when we allow ourselves to break our commitment to doing these things we pay the penalty.

In my case, the penalty is a painful body, an upset stomach, falling behind in work and school, and an overall feeling of exhaustion towards life. I know that sounds dramatic – and it is!

I had a mini breakdown today and I realized just how far off track I had gotten and I began beating myself up over it – I had been doing so well… I was accomplishing things, staying on top of my schoolwork, getting exercise, maintaining a healthy relationship with food, investing in my spiritual life, and feeling excited to just be alive. And now here I was, behind on work, behind on school, my body seizing up from lack of exercise, and feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

I sat on the couch crying over wasted time, feelings of disappointment with myself, and frustration over the circumstances that I felt contributed to my state.

And then I realized something – I was crying over spilt milk...Keep Reading: