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Oops! A baby?

In news too important to ignore, I came across this new study by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Norwegian researchers that found that women with anorexia nervosa are much more likely to have both unplanned pregnancies and induced abortions than women who don't have the serious eating disorder.

These results may be driven by a mistaken belief among women with anorexia that they can't get pregnant because they are either not having menstrual periods at all or are having irregular periods, said Cynthia M. Bulik, PhD, the study's lead author and director of the UNC Eating Disorders Program.

"Anorexia is not a good contraceptive," Bulik said. "Just because you're not menstruating, or because you're menstruating irregularly, doesn't mean you're not at risk for becoming pregnant.

What does that mean for you? Only you know. Are you engaging in unsafe sex practices? Having an unplanned pregnancy is rarely an easy surprise, and for many women, any of the available choices are difficult. If you need information on free or low cost contraceptives, contact your local Planned Parenthood office.