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Orthorexia nervosa can pose psychological distress

Orthorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where one has an obsession of eating proper food. This is one of the least known among the eating disorders.

Innocently, Orthorexia nervosa begins as a desire to be be free from an existing chronic illness or just to be healthy by being conscious with what they eat, how much, and the events that may pre-occupy the person's day in relation to eating.

There are also persons who believe that eating pure food has pseudo-spiritual connotations. Eating what they perceive as healthy and nutritious food is equivalent to spending time with the poor and homeless.

Treating orthorexics is a tricky exercise since they consider drugs to be laden with impurities and are not natural.

Orthorexia nervosa is more of a psychological distress and does not pose a physical danger to a person who suffers from it. An orthorexic is preoccupied with being pure, healthy and natural.