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Our Culture of Weighting Scales

Eating disorders have its foundation deeply rooted into our society at present. Our society has become a society for the skinny. Ninety percent of the advertisements in the television that has women on it involved a slender woman. We have over emphasized that to be thin is in.

No more than in our age do we see the proliferation of advertising materials that begs the person to be thinner that what they are at present. A baby fat on a woman’s body is a piece of shame.

Pharmaceuticals have cashed in to this image. It has made a milking cow out of those who wants to be sexy. The emphasis is on getting lesser fats on the body. The focus has moved away from staying healthy.

This kind of culture is the breading ground of eating disorder. Our age no longer have much famine but we see so many people dying of starvation. It is a starvation due to the refusal to eat for fear of getting fat.