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Peak Dieting Season Could Trigger Eating Disorder

If you were to only watch commercials, you wouldn’t have to have a calendar. The tv, newspaper and magazines are full of ads for weight loss products, weight loss programs, exercise equipment and gyms. After all, it’s a new year, so what better time to obsess about your weight? For some, it can be a trigger to relapse into old destructive behaviors.
If that’s you, consider getting extra support this month.

Here is a helpful resource:

Free podcast: Eating Disorders: A revealing look at binge eating
Eating disorders are part of an unsettling reality in our society. From binge eating to anorexia and bohemia, these disorders plague many and require special assistance for the best outcome. How can something like this happen? With the start of each year, new health resolutions are made and often broken. But a desire to loose 10 pounds or eating emotionally can spiral out of control. On this episode of Patient Power, eating disorder specialist Dr. Patricia Pitts helps us understand who is more likely to have an eating disorder, what the types of eating disorders are, and how you can we identify if a family or friend has an eating disorder. You’ll also hear from a patient who struggled with compulsive binge eating. Don’t miss out; call in with your questions live!
Patricia Pitts, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Bella Vita
Mary Smith, Struggled with compulsive binge eating