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Periodic problems caused by Eating Disorders

The first sign of a female patient suffering from eating disorders is the irregularity of her menstrual periods. Some women who suffer eating disorders go without a regular menstrual period for three months at a stretch. When this irregularity is noticed in the menstrual period it is important to consult the doctor at once. The sign of good health in a girl is a regular monthly menstrual cycle. An irregular menstrual cycle can lead to many health problems. Osteoporosis is common in females who have an irregular menstrual cycle. Fertility is impaired when menstruation does not occur on a regular basis in a female. One of the main reasons for an irregular menstrual cycle is excessive reduction of food intake. Girls who deliberately suppress appetite to look thin risk many health problems. A healthy diet is required for healthy periods. Overcoming eating disorders is very important for good menstrual health.