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Personal Experience vs. Professional Research

As I read and appreciate the Blogs that are Posted here, I just want to make a point that my writings are based more on my own personal experiences with anorexia and how the disease has affected my life....and the growth that has occurred during recovery. I enjoy learning about the new techniques and discoveries on the forefront, but my writing comes from a more personal place. This is not an apology, but simply an observation.

As I continue to experience joy in new ways every day as a healthy, feeling person, I find myself realizing how differently I am reacting to life's challenges. I attribute that to my increased ability and confidence in handling anxiety about things I can't control, and "riding out" the more difficult times. My emotions are not connected to how I feed my body anymore. I find that in itself pretty amazing, considering the many years that anorexia ruled my life.

Currently, I am adapting to a complete life change in taking my Mother-in-Law into our home to live. She has moderate dementia, and is continually having more problems in caring for herself. This new responsibility has certainly "clipped my wings", so to speak in my own freedom and independence. But I also have no doubt that I am doing the right thing, and that we will work it out in time so that I can maintain what I need for my own emotional health. The best thing of eating has not been affected in the slightest, and I do not feel like running away from this responsibility. This is my life.