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Picky eating – is it a disorder?

I have often been accused of being a picky eater because I dislike eating certain types of food that just do not seem right for my palate. But I never once thought of it as an eating disorder, mainly because the foods you eat are simply just a matter of taste. However, I recently discovered that picky eating is an eating disorder categorized under selective eating disorder. It is commonly seen during childhood, and is supposed to be just a childhood phase. In other words, it should have been overcome by now. When it progresses into adulthood, it can become very depressing because you are unable to eat many kinds of foods that are enjoyed by many. For example, people love eating pork,, but I just can’t stand the smell of it. Hence, I do not get t enjoy the pleasures of eating that might be derived from eating that food. Professionals need to know that picky eating is not just a disorder for kids. It can stretch until adulthood, and so they need to find a way to stop it from developing as early as during childhood.