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Preaching the Way to Eating Disorder

The violence in mass media is no longer confined in the depiction of bloody pictures or films. The violence in media is more rampant as it overly depicts the thin beautiful. There is no other violence more violent that this. It does not kill the character but it kills the person who absorbs this kind of culture.

It could not be over-emphasized that being thin is not equal to being healthy. The ideal weight of the person according to the BMI is not a canon of healthy living. There are those who are in their ideal weight but are already malnourished. The idea of measuring food intake should not have slimming as its primary aim. It should have health of the person placed beyond cosmetic appeal.

In as much as over eating is unhealthy, over stress on dieting may prove to be much deadlier. Those who preached the news of slimming down are preaching the way to eating disorder.