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Right Under My Nose

You’d think that a person who wrote about eating disorders daily, and who is a professional health and wellness writer would notice when her own daughter was displaying early signs of an eating disorder.

You’d be wrong.

It wasn’t until I was doing a random history of my Google searches that I noticed something was amiss. And to be honest, the real reason I was checking my history was that I forgot what I had looked up. But I was surprised when a number of pro-MIA sites came up in the history. I almost never look at those sites – even though I’m mostly fine, the last thing I need is a trigger.

It started me thinking. And I realized I hadn’t actually seen my eldest daughter eat anything in a few days. If I asked, she had always just finished eating, or wasn’t hungry.
I woke her up in the middle of the night to chat and found out it was worse than I thought. She had just finished a four day “fast.” She calls it a fast. I say it’s practice starving. If you can die without food in 33 days, then she was proving she could do a little over 1/10 o f the way of starving herself to death.

Moms and dads….pay attention to the details – even when you think it couldn’t happen to your child.