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Side effects of weight loss diet pills

Weight loss pills may sound like a simple way to lose weight, however, one should be extremely careful before resorting to this “easy way out.” For one self-prescription should be avoided at all costs and second, one must understand the side-effects of these pills before taking them-

• Do remember that diet pills should only be taken by those suffering from obesity and that too only on prescription.
• Laxatives are also often sold as off the counter weight loss pills, however, taking them to lose weight can actually backfire as they may cause water retention.
• Appetite suppressing weight loss pill should not be taken unless prescribed by a doctor, as they may lead to various deficiencies in the body if taken regularly.
• Some people also use diuretics for weight loss. However, one should remember that diuretics are not meant to be used for weight loss; in fact they can actually cause dehydration by reducing the water content of the body.

Finally, do remember that even if you take a licensed weight loss pill, it will not be effective unless it is accompanied by appropriate lifestyle changes and a balanced diet.