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Small, But Significant Signals Of Disordered Eating

Many times people who are suffering from an eating disorder will try to hide the obvious signs, but there are sometimes rituals or habits that might indicate that they have a problem. Often, eating is approached with a very specific order of behaviors. The plate may have to be turned a certain way, or it might even be that they will only eat off of a certain plate, or use certain utensils. Often, no foods can be touching, or the food is refused altogether. The food may have to be cut into very small bites, and each bite chewed a certain number of times. In some instances, the food will only be moved around on the plate, with nothing at all being eaten, but in the end, the food is clumped together to be made to look like a smaller amount. Some people may eat very slowly, while others may eat very quickly, with some predetermined rationale that may produce a more safe feeling for the person. If watched closely, much of a person's food may actually end up wrapped in napkins instead of being chewed and swallowed. And probably the most common issue is that a person who is actively "in" their eating disorder, will avoid eating with people, or being seen while eating.